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Tina Was Getting Married (2020)

57 votes, average 8.8 out of 10

[STARS-197] I Couldn’t Believe That My Colleague Tina Was Getting Married, And I Couldn’t Forgive Her, So I Took Her To A Brainwashing Massage Parlor And Did With Her As I Pleased! Tina Nanami

First of all, Tina Nanami acting was awesome and she has outdone herself big time. This has to be her best movie to date.

On the plot, Tina Nanami is about to get married and one of her coworkers who has a crush on her gets triggered badly. He decides to revenge fuck on her and to do so, he brings her to a massage parlor where she gets brainwashed.

I loved her acting, the costumes, and the happenings. I expected a bit more of brainwashing and quirkiness, but other than that I am good. Nice stuff.

Duration: 203 Min

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