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Barely A T-Shirt Girl

Barely A T-Shirt Girl (2021)

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Episode 1. Keisuke is dissatisfied with his wife, who always wears underwear. One day, Keisuke, who made a golf appointment with a friend, was one hour late due to his mistake and told him to go home first and wait. When Keisuke’s friend, Oriki, enters Keisuke’s house, he sees his friend’s wife sleeping in her underwear.

Episode 2. Tashiro drank with the manager and drove the drunk manager home. However, there was no one at home, and his wife, who was usually loose in underwear, made the dissatisfied manager Tashiro hide in the bedroom and watch her.

Episode 3. The husband, dissatisfied with his wife, Rika’s insincere attitude, asks his friend Okumura to change his wife’s habit. While Rika is taking a bath, Dong-eun’s husband hides in a closet, and Okumura appears in front of Rika in underwear.

Duration: 75 Min

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